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One of my memorable weekend trips to Medvednica Mountain, Croatia

I can say that Croatia is one of the best places which I never ever visit before to enjoy my weekends. It is a wonderful tourist destination with its amazing coastline, huge medieval roman ruins, and pleasant old fishing villages. With all these attractions, we have planned to visit popular places of Croatia and enjoy yachting in its coastal lines. As it is the fast emerging adventurous tourist destination, all our colleagues have planned to enjoy last weekend in Croatia. We are totally 10 people and we booked cruise ships to easily and quickly reach the coastal region of this destination. Here you will find big yacht charter Croatia.

There is something for every person including secluded beaches and national parks for those who are seeking pleasure and privacy with your loveable persons. I always enjoy touring with my friends and colleagues. Last year, I and my friends went to three main cities of Croatia and had unforgettable yachting experience. This year, I planned a Croatian trip with my 10 colleagues to enjoy 3 days of weekend.

Visiting Medvednica Mountain:

In the coastal regions of Croatia, we saw small, medium, and mega yacht charters sold in the different shops. We all ten members went to a particular shop and bought 10 new yacht charters to enjoy adventures in the crystal clear water of Croatian sea. After getting yachting experience in the coastlines, we wanted to get participate in the different events. Every city of Croatia is always alive with the more numbers of star studded events and a lot of concert halls, bars, and clubs. All of us preferred visiting nearby Mount Medvednica to enjoy its amazing views and atmosphere. Medvednica is basically a famous mountain located in the central part of the Croatia. It has height of 1,035 metres or 3, 396 ft from the ground. Here you will read more about Croatian boats.

Croatian boats

To enjoy the natural view of total Croatian city, crystal clear sea water, and coastlines, we went to this top mountain and see the views. It was really amazing and nice to see for our eyes. The climate in the Medvednica mountain is very good and enjoyable. We went this mountain in Croatia at the end of January. So, there was a slight snow fall at the top of the mountain and it was really unforgettable experience to all of us. Medvednica is also known as nature park located in Zagreb, Croatia.

Croatian catamarans

I’m too passionate in getting the best hiking experience in the mountains. Three of my colleagues were also interested in hiking in this mountain. We all started hiking from the bottom to top of the Medvednica mountain and enjoyed a lot in our trip. It is the most suitable place for the hikers, skiers, and also walkers. Remaining of my colleagues were walking around the mountain and enjoyed viewing natural looks of huge numbers of new variety trees and flowers there. Now, this Medvednica mountain has changed as the most favorite tourist destination in Croatia for me and also for my colleagues.

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